我們與OHDSI 聯盟成員一起,積極利用來自全球多個機構的臨床數據進行研究。

  • Projects
  • Publications
  • Comparative risk of the incident cancer between histamine-2 receptor antagonists

    PI: Seng Chan You
  • Rare Endocrine Disease Common Data Model (RED-CDM)

    PI: Namki Hong
  • The risk of musculoskeletal adverse outcomes after treatment with endocrine blocking treatments for breast cancer

    PI: Jennifer Lane
  • Characterization of non-communicable disease across the pre- and post- COVID-19 era

    PI: Seng Chan You
  • Comparison of mortality, morbidities & healthcare resources utilization between patients with and without a diagnosis of COVID-19

    PI: Celine Chui, Shirley Li, Eric Wan
  • Real world safety of treatments for multiple sclerosis

    PI: Nicole Pratt
  • Quality assessment of CDM databases across the OHDSI-AP network

    PI: Chungsoo Kim